SLEM desires to partner with existing schools and churches, to introduce East African village children and adults to the love of God through Jesus Christ. 


While we were working with the children in the villages of east Africa we became frustrated with the fact that the village children could not read, write, speak or understand English. Yet they were being taught in this foreign language and were also being tested in this foreign language as well.  We saw this as a clear exercise in futility. We wanted so much more for these village children. We wanted them to be able to compete with the children of Kampala and the other larger cities in Uganda for admission to very good Secondary Boarding Schools around the country.

The solution to this problem became very clear to a number of us at almost the same time.  We desired to initiate a “free” program of English as a Second Language (ESL) outside the physical classroom and in and outside the traditional Ugandan school hours.  Resource Center in the villages, open to all students and adults, seemed to be the solution to this problem.